Prepping Our Hearts for Advent (with Ruth Chou Simons)

Prepping Our Hearts for Advent (with Ruth Chou Simons)

Today’s podcast episode is a bit diverse than normal! Ruth Chou Simons arrived in studio a selection of months in the past to report an episode, but we had a bunch of issues getting it recorded (pay attention to the episode for the amusing story!) and finished up executing an Instagram stay and Facebook live and then pulled some of the audio from that for this episode.

Jesse and I also give some lifetime updates at the starting of the exhibit and discuss about guides we’re looking through + what’s conserving my life. In my conversation with Ruth, we explore her new devotional, Emmanuel: An Invitation to Prepare Him Area at Christmas and Constantly, and what it seems to be like to prepare our hearts for the vacation time so that it is crammed with grace. She shares what it appears to be like to concentration on what’s genuinely crucial about the vacation time – not presents and events but rather peace in our hearts and properties.

Ruth encourages us that Advent and Christmas isn’t just some thing we should really rejoice in December, but all calendar year very long. She gives a lot of inspiration and information and invites you to choose 25 times to start the journey of seeing the holiday period from a new viewpoint.

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In This Episode

[00:35] – We’re executing something a bit distinct currently!

[03:46] – My recent excursion to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

[06:56] – What I have been reading these days.

[09:45] – Jesse and I discuss about looking at publications vs. listening to audiobooks.

[11:25] – What has been preserving my lifetime just lately?

[15:04] – Snippets from my conversation with Ruth Chou Simons.

[17:26] – Advice to young moms.

[19:22] – Ruth argues that it’s not probable to fulfill absolutely everyone when organizing for the holidays.

[21:00] – What does Ruth mean by Jesus is the purpose for the time?

[23:46] – What can we do now to get ready?

[25:45] – Ruth factors out that what every person certainly longs for is peace and adore.

[26:57] – Master about how Ruth’s e book is laid out.

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